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dotCal - Calendar Publishing for Business, Individuals, and Social Media

We enable Calendar-2-Calendar marketing communications across People, Websites & Social Media

dotCal is now =>Syndical

(Easy public & private calendar sharing between business, family, and friends) 


Publish a calendar on my website, blog, or Facebook page  more...   Send public events to Social & Website subscribers more...   Share a private calendar directly with my friends & family more...   Sync calendars across all major platforms more...


Let me tell you people are LOVING this calendar. We have created more user friendly calendars in less time than we have before...
The amount of time this will save us in keeping our webpages current with updated information is incredible!!!
— Kyle Schumacher - Assist Superintendent Lake Forest School Dist.


I think of calendars as incredibly boring, but I’m wrong, calendars are incredibly interesting because they’re incredibly shared.

       - Eric Schmidt / CEO - Google



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